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  • ONE


    ONE uses the Hazcheck Web Service, Hazcheck Gateway and the IMDG Code for Intranet in their dangerous goods shipping activities. They also train their staff with IMDG Code e-learning courses.

  • Unifeeder Group

    Unifeeder Group

    The Unifeeder Group is an integrated logistics company, feeder network and shortsea business in Europe, the Middle East, the wider Indian Subcontinent and Asia region with connectivity to more than 150 ports. They use the IMDG Code e-learning Standard and Refresher courses for their training.

  • Cargo Partner

    Cargo Partner

    Cargo Partner Logistics India PVT employs over 125 people in 11 locations across India. In 2020, the company purchased IMDG Code e-learning courses for dangerous goods personnel working in their sea cargo shipping department.



    Since 1972 AEL DDS, based in Port Louis, Mauritius, has been involved in the logistics/transportation of petroleum and hazardous products for companies in Mauritius and Rodrigues. They have been using IMDG Code e-learning to train staff since 2015 and recently purchased Amendment 39-18 Refresher courses.

  • Atlantic Container Line

    Atlantic Container Line

    Atlantic Container Line have been using IMDG Code e-learning to train staff in the North American and European offices since 2011.

  • Bengal Tiger Line

    Bengal Tiger Line

    In line with its high operating standards, BTL uses Hazcheck Professional to control dangerous goods on sailings and in acceptance procedures.

  • British Antarctic Survey

    British Antarctic Survey

    British Antarctic Survey use Hazcheck Workstation to check classification and packaging and to produce documentation for dangerous goods on board their supply vessels.

  • Brittany Ferries

    Brittany Ferries

    Brittany Ferries implemented IMDG Code e-learning to reduce their IMDG Code training costs. After implementing it throughout UK ports, their operational staff have successfully completed it.

  • China Shipping (UK) Agency

    China Shipping (UK) Agency

    China Shipping (UK) Agency has been using IMDG Code e-learning since 2009 for IMDG Code training on both Amendment 34-08 and Amendment 35-10 provisions. They have recently purchased Amdt 36-12 refresher courses for Amdt 35-10 students, and general awareness and function specific courses for new students.

  • DFDS


    DFDS is one of three RORO companies operating out of the Port of Dover in the UK, Europe's largest passenger port. DFDS has been using Hazcheck Professional since 2011 when they acquired Norfolkline, who had used it previously from 2007. The Denmark operations of DFDS use Hazcheck Toolkits in their own in-house system.

  • DHL


    DHL's international network links more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. Hazcheck is used by DHL offices in the UK and Europe. One DHL office in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk has been using Hazcheck Systems since 2008.

  • Ecu Worldwide

    ECU Worldwide

    Consolidating shipments into container loads is an exacting business, especially with the complex stowage and segregation requirements of dangerous goods. This policy of driving innovative IT solutions led Ecu Worldwide to adopt Hazcheck Gateway and Hazcheck Enterprise for DG acceptance, consolidation and management in global operations.

  • E-Dea


    In 2016 E-Dea integrated Exis Technologies' Hazcheck Web Service dangerous goods compliance functionality into the latest version of their software platform for ferries, cruise and RoRo companies.

  • Eucon Shipping and Transport

    Eucon Shipping and Transport

    Eucon Shipping and Transport Ltd. is part of the Container & Terminal division of the IRISH CONTINENTAL GROUP, Ireland’s largest shipping company. Eucon use Hazcheck Web Service the web API version of Hazcheck Toolkits as part of their Softpak cargo management system.

  • Irish Ferries

    Irish Ferries

    Irish Continental Group (ICG) is a leading shipping, transport and leisure group. They carry passengers and cars, Roll On Roll Off freight and container Lift On Lift Off freight, on routes between Ireland, the United Kingdom and Continental Europe. Irish Ferries are long standing customers, purchasing their first system in 2005.

  • Johnston Logistics

    Johnston Logistics

    Johnston Logistics is a pan European logistics provider operating from 7 sites in Ireland. Operating since 1979, they now have a partnership with Dachser GmbH. They have been using Hazcheck Online for their IMDG Code compliance checking since 2011.

  • "K" Line

    "K" Line

    “K” Line use IMDG Code e-learning for their shore side staff training.

  • Locus Software

    Locus Software

    Locus Software has been a leading provider of cloud-based ERP and collaboration solutions for the liner shipping industry since 2009. Since 2015, the company has been offering Exis Technologies' Hazcheck Toolkits dangerous goods data packages and routines in their Locus Odyssey ERP platform.

  • Mediterranean Shipping Company

    Mediterranean Shipping Company

    Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has implemented IMDG Code e-learning for its global IMDG Code training program. 21,000 staff have been trained during 2017 with more to follow in 2018.

  • National Cargo Bureau

    National Cargo Bureau

    NCB has been an Exis customer since 2006, purchasing IMDG Code for Windows to use in operations across the USA. NCB has also been working with Exis to develop Hazcheck Inspections, a web-based database and access portal for inspection companies. NCB acquired the Exis Group companies in June 2018 as part of their Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea mission.

  • Oceanex


    Oceanex Inc. are leaders in intermodal transportation services to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, providing this Atlantic Canada service for more than 100 years. Oceanex has been using IMDG Code for Intranet since 2013 and Hazcheck Professional since February 2015.

  • P&O Ferries

    P&O Ferries

    P&O has grown over 40 years to its current operations level and for half that time has used Hazcheck systems in its computerised cargo acceptance and management. P&O was the first to introduce computerised IMDG Code checking at the busy check-in desks at Dover and since 2018 has also been using Hazcheck Online at its Calais terminal.

  • Red Funnel

    Red Funnel

    Red Funnel carries 3.2 million passengers and 700,000 vehicles on its year-round services between Southampton and East & West Cowes on the Isle of Wight. They have been using Hazcheck Workstation to check the dangerous goods that are carried on their ferries since 2006 and purchased IMDG Code e-learning training courses in early 2014.

  • RST

    Rotterdam Shortsea Terminal

    RST’s technology policy extends to delivering effective computer-based training and for DG training they implemented IMDG Code e-learning: general awareness for management and function-specific for operations staff.

  • Samskip


    Samskip is a global logistics company offering transport and related services by land, sea, rail and air. They have been purchasing IMDG Code e-learning courses for general awareness training since 2010.



    SARC implemented Hazcheck Toolkits into their on-board loading computer software, LOCOPIAS, at the end of 2017 to allow them to offer dangerous goods validation capability to their customers.

  • Seatruck Ferries

    Seatruck Ferries

    Freight-only services with limited passengers are especially useful for customers shipping dangerous goods. Seatruck supports this sector with Hazcheck Professional state of the art DG management and IMDG Code e-learning.

  • Stena Line

    Stena Line

    Stena demands maximum efficiency and safety across its activities, so when building the IT system supporting its freight operations the company selected Hazcheck Toolkits for the database of IMDG Code regulated cargoes behind its booking procedures.

  • Sturrock Grindrod

    Sturrock Grindrod

    Sturrock Grindrod Maritime (SGM) offers services including vessel and procurement services, crew staffing and offshore/on-shore solutions across a wide range of marine activities. SGM has been using IMDG Code e-learning to train staff since 2011.

  • Yang Ming

    Yang Ming

    Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation offers scheduled container transportation service across Asia, Europe, America, and Australia. They operate a fleet of 98 vessels with a 6-million-D.W.T / operating capacity 590 thousand TEUs. Yang Ming use Hazcheck Gateway to check customer bookings for IMDG code compliance and Hazcheck Enterprise to Dangerous Goods requests received from partner lines for shipment on Yang Ming vessels.