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  • Mersey Maritime

    Mersey Maritime

    Mersey Maritime is the representative body for the marine and maritime sector in the Liverpool City Region, UK, working with large and small businesses across 33 different sub-sectors of activity to improve their performance in a range of areas including supply chain building, information sharing and representation. Exis Technologies has been a member for several years.

  • BIFA


    The British International Freight Association (BIFA) is the trade association for UK-registered companies engaged in international movement of freight by all modes of transport. Exis Technologies is an Associate Member.



    Since establishment in 1952 the International Cargo Handling Association (ICHCA International) has promoted safety and efficiency in the handling and movement of goods by all modes in national and international transport chains. ICHCA has taken a keen interest in dangerous goods issues and supported the development of IMDG Code e-learning and CTUpack e-learning which they now promote to their global membership.



    The purpose of the British Association of Dangerous Goods Professionals (BADGP) is to promote the safe transport of materials that present risk, by supporting the professionals who work in the business of Dangerous Goods. It is the only UK association designed to support those working professionally with dangerous goods. Exis Technologies is a member of BADGP and seeks to inform other members about tools and training to help with their DGSA roles.

  • Interferry


    Interferry is the only shipping association representing the ferry industry world-wide. There are currently 225 members (representing approximately 600 individuals) from 38 countries. Exis Technologies is an Interferry member and in recent years has been invited to present at Annual Interferry conferences.

  • SMDG


    SMDG is a non-profit foundation, run by and on behalf of companies and organizations working in the maritime industry, including container terminals, ocean carriers and related companies and organizations. Exis Technologies has been a member of the SMDG group for several years.