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  • TT Club

    TT Club

    The TT Club is a leading provider of insurance and related risk management services to the world's shipping lines, ports, marine and inland terminals, freight forwarders and logistics operators.



    The International Cargo Handling Association promotes safety and efficiency in the handling and movement of goods by all modes in national/international transport chains.

  • CINS


    CINS is a shipping line initiative, launched in September 2011, developed to increase safety in the supply chain, reduce the number of cargo incidents on-board ships and highlight the risks caused by certain cargoes and/or packing failures.

  • Interferry


    Interferry is the only shipping association representing the ferry industry world-wide. There are currently 225 members (representing approximately 600 individuals) from 38 countries. Exis Technologies is an Interferry member and in recent years has been invited to present at Annual Interferry conferences.

  • Maritime Cargo Processing

    Maritime Cargo Processing

    Maritime Cargo Processing plc is a leading port community systems specialist, working with ports and terminals, shipping lines, logistics operators and Government agencies to improve operational efficiency.

  • Mersey Maritime

    Mersey Maritime

    Mersey Maritime was set up in 2003 as an industry representative body to champion the interests of a cluster of more than 1700 maritime businesses across Merseyside - home to the widest breadth of maritime sector activities outside of London.

  • Freight Transport Association

    Freight Transport Association

    Freight Transport Association (FTA) is one of the UK’s largest trade associations and represents the transport interests of companies moving goods by road, rail, sea and air. It has been supporting the interests of the transport industry since 1889. FTA has been a reseller of the Exis IMDG Code e-learning courses for several years.