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Brittany Ferries purchases IMDG Code e-learning course for 2010 compliance

News September 3 / 2009    12:09 pm

From January 2010, IMDG Code training is mandatory for all shore side staff involved in dangerous goods transport by sea, including shipping line booking staff, ship planners, container packers, consolidators, shippers and forwarders. Exis Technologies, the leading supplier of computerised systems for the management of dangerous goods in sea transport, is pleased to announce that Brittany Ferries has purchased the intranet version of their new computer-based IMDG Code e-learning course to train staff handling and transporting dangerous goods. Based on IMDG Code training recommendations, the course helps individuals and companies comply at low cost and with minimum disruption to normal working, without compromising high training standards.

IMDG Code e-learning is individually configured to the student’s job role. The course follows training recommended in the IMDG Code, and with general awareness and function specific configurations it develops competence precisely for the job functions in these recommendations. This means that there is no wasted time and effort in irrelevant studies and there is higher competence attained in the required topics. E-learning avoids the administration and disruption of staff away from their jobs and allows students to study at their own pace and at any location, within targets set by management.

The IMDG Code e-learning is available as internet downloads for standalone and networked computers and for corporate intranet delivery. The intranet version allows a supervisor to set up courses locally, regionally or globally, to set study targets and to monitor student progress. Intranet versions can be customised to include the operator’s dangerous goods procedures and practice.

Berni Smith, Freight Reservations Manager, UK, Brittany Ferries commented, “Brittany Ferries is the leading maritime carrier on the Western and Central UK Channel and accounts for the transport of over 50% of the traffic on the Western Channel. We decided to implement the IMDG Code e-learning training course for our operations because it was the most flexible and cost-effective method of training our high numbers of shore side staff. The intranet version of the course enables us to assign administrators to set pass marks, monitor the progress of our students and oversee the learning process in a timeframe set by us. The e-learning course avoids the administration and disruption of staff away from their jobs. Also, as an existing Exis customer we already knew that the quality of their training tool would be of the highest standard available.”

Ken Burgess, Director of Exis Technologies said, “We are delighted that Brittany Ferries have decided to purchase our IMDG Code e-learning course. Shore side companies are addressing their training requirements in preparation for the January 2010 deadline. We have also had increased interest from the major container lines, as well as other sectors which have staff handling and transporting dangerous goods by sea.” IMDG Code e-learning is certified in accordance with DNV Standard for Certification of Learning Programmes. Development involved independent expert panels and was supported by shipping industry bodies.

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