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Eight of the top twenty container lines implement IMDG Code e-learning for mandatory shore-side training

News March 25 / 2010    12:09 pm

Mandatory training for shore-side staff involved in dangerous goods transport by sea is included in the latest Amendment of the IMDG Code, which entered into force on 1 January 2010. Shore-side staff that require IMDG Code training include shippers and forwarders, container packers and consolidators, shipping line booking staff, stevedores, port and terminal operators. Exis developed IMDG Code e-learning, a computer-based training tool, to help organisations comply with the new requirement. To date, eight of the top twenty container lines, including K-Line, UASC, MOL, NYK, and Zim have implemented IMDG Code e-learning for tens of thousands of staff worldwide.

The development of IMDG Code e-learning, an initiative of Exis Technologies, was supported by IMO and industry bodies to address the urgent need to train large numbers of staff worldwide economically and with minimum disruption to normal working. The intranet version of IMDG Code e-learning allows an administrator to set up student courses locally, regionally or globally, set study targets and monitor student progress. Students work at their own pace within targets set by management. The intranet version can also be customised to include the operator’s dangerous goods procedures and practices.

Costs are greatly reduced with this flexible, “off the shelf” training package, with corporate implementation of the course in large organisations as economical as USD $15 per student due to economies of scale.

There are two levels of training for shore side staff as follows:

– General awareness: for staff requiring a familiarisation with the IMDG Code requirements.

– Function-specific: for staff directly involved in dangerous goods transport.

The course is configured to the student’s role during set-up. F

or container lines trading with the United States, there is a module that includes the use of the IMDG Code with 49 CFR.

As well as being available for corporate intranets, IMDG Code e-learning can be downloaded from the course website for individual training.

Kris Vedat, UASC, commented, “We implemented IMDG Code e-learning last year for our European operations staff. We have since been able to train our relevant staff using the administrator function which allows us to provide consistent training throughout our global operations. Students’ courses can be set up with both pass marks and timeframes for completion, and progress can be monitored so we know when courses are complete, overdue or the student requires retraining. Crucially, we have a record of all staff training and course completion certificates. Our staff have been trained to a high standard and to the appropriate level of training for their job roles. The IMDG Code e-learning course has enabled us to comply with the IMDG Code quickly and efficiently.”

The course is independently certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), one of the world’s leading classification societies. IMDG Code e-learning has been accepted by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, and the Ministry of PI Land Transport & Shipping Mauritius. It is also being assessed by other competent authorities globally. The course is sponsored by the TT Club and ICHCA (International Cargo Handling Association).

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