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Exis helps with 49 CFR editorial corrections, the COSTHA Post

News July 16 / 2021    11:18 am

Exis Technologies, a COSTHA member, recently noticed a discrepancy in the eCFR Hazmat Table for UN3084, Corrosive solids, oxidizing, n.o.s., 8(5.1), PG II. 

The 2019 Government Edition and 2020 Early Edition of the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) does not indicate a numeric special provision for PG II and reflects “none” in column 8a for exceptions.

However, this same entry in the eCFR version indicates special provision “154” and the exceptions column reflects “154” indicating allowable exceptions provided in §173.154.

COSTHA contacted PHMSA identifying the possible typographical error. PHMSA confirmed that inclusion of SP 154 in Column 7 for UN3084 is in error and is researching whether Column 8a should include “154” for packaging exceptions. They made a note of the issue and will correct in a future rulemaking.

Additionally, Exis submitted to PHMSA the last digit of Column 10B, vessel stowage is missing for the following entries:

  • UN1482, Permanganates, inorganic, n.o.s., PG III – reflects 13 instead of 138
  • UN1510, Tetranitromethane, PG I – reflects 6 instead of 66
  • UN2627, Nitrites, inorganic, n.o.s., PG II – reflects 13 instead of 133
  • UN1799, Nonyltrichlorosilane, PG II – is missing 58

COSTHA members can submit potential editorial issues to and they will be happy to contact PHMSA to verify.


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