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Exis Technologies launches free IMDG Code resource in partnership with SMDG Group

News May 22 / 2013    12:00 am

Exis Technologies has launched the IMDG Coded Variant List (CVL) in partnership with the SMDG Group as a free resource to assist companies in exchanging IMDG Code information in EDI messages such as BAPLIE and IFTMBF.

Exis Technologies have been a leading provider of computer based compliance systems based on the IMDG Code for over 25 years and the SMDG Group develops and promotes UN/EDIFACT EDI-messages for the Maritime industry.

The CVL will help to overcome the ambiguities when identifying a variant within a single UN number that may occur when two companies exchange Dangerous Goods (DG) information.  This exchange of information may be automatic using EDI files and it may also involve some manual procedures.  These ambiguities can arise for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Differences in the DG information held in the DG databases
  • Layers of software in the transmission process that limit the information that can be exchanged automatically
  • Different versions of the IMDG Code data, a consequence of different implementation times for new data when either a new IMDG Code amendment (implemented at any time within the transition year) or errata are released, or because of different data from various sources.

In the case of an EDI exchange, using the CVL a receiving system can look for a match with its own substance data.  If a match is found, then the substance data (i.e. variant) identified within the receiving system is the same variant used in the sending system to produce the EDI file.

The CVL file can be downloaded from Exis Technologies’ Hazcheck Systems website and integrated with existing systems.  It contains all UN numbers which have IMDG Code variants.  The data is continuously updated in line with new IMDG Code amendments and errata.

You can download the CVL here

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