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IMDG Code Amdt 38-16 Corrigendum December 2017, 28 November 2017

News November 28 / 2017    12:00 am

The International Maritime Organization has produced a Corrigendum to Amendment 38-16 of the IMDG Code. Exis Technologies has produced a summary of the key changes:

  • There is a small change to the definition of SADT
  • Minor amendments to the PSNs for UN 1333, 1374, 1712, 2216, 2465
  • ‘Fishmeal’, ‘ Fishscrap’ now have a space included: Fish meal, Fish scrap
  • Deletion of PP40 from UN 1396 (pgIII), 1398 (pgIII), 1402 (pgI), 1403 (pgIII), 1405 (pgIII), 3132 (pgIII), 3208 (pgIII). (This corrects anomaly as PP40 applies to pgII substances only)
  • UN 0500 and UN 0501 have their spillage schedule correctly applied, now S-X and S-Y respectively
  • UN 1324 has fire schedule ‘F-G’ replaced by ‘F-A’
  • For 1418 (pgII and III) and UN 2870 removes F-G (as per the special case in F-G it applies only to class 4.3 PGI)
  • SW1 added toUN 2383
  • PP31 added to UN 2441
  • Replace ‘F-E’ with ‘F-A’ for UN 2735 (already F-A for pgII and pgIII)
  • Add SP368 to UN 2908
  • Add SP325 to UN 2913
  • Add SP326 to UN 3326
  • The EmS for UN 3513 now has a comma rather than full stop to separate the fire and spillage schedules (this corrects the obvious typo)
  • The properties and observations for UN 3530 no longer refers to fuel cells
  • SG72 now refers generally to the segregation exemptions in rather than specifically to table As a result UN 3391 to 3400 now have SG72
  • There have been minor changes to a few special provisions: SP207, 225, 369, 384, 907, 928 and 945
  • In, ‘’ has been replaced by ‘’ – to reflect new re-numbering in 5.1.1
  • There are minor updates to the table in
  • Minor corrections to P002, P200, P403, P410 and P603
  • There are a few generic corrections ‘markings’ to ‘marks’ missed from the A38 update
  • – there is a new second sentence on the new class 9 lithium battery mark (you are not able to put any text such as description of the hazard into the label as you are with most other labels)
  • – there was an error in the printed books regarding the size of the PSN mark, this is now corrected
  • There are minor corrections in Part 6 and part 7
  • Some of the segregation examples in the annex to chapter 7.2 have been updated and clarified
  • In the Appendix A the entries for Polymerising substances have been moved from generic entries to specific entries
  • There are minor updates to the alphabetical index

Amendment 38-16 of the IMDG Code is mandatory from 1 January 2018.

Please note: the changes were current at the time of production.  This is a guide only; users must check with official sources before relying on the information.  Exis Technologies accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions.

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