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IMDG Code e-learning course accredited by AMSA for 2010 mandatory training

News September 2 / 2009    12:09 pm

From January 2010, IMDG Code training is mandatory for all shore side staff involved in dangerous goods transport by sea, including shipping line booking staff, container packers, consolidators, shippers, forwarders, stevedores and drivers. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has listed on its website training courses for shore side staff that meet its quality criteria. The Exis Technologies IMDG Code e-learning course has now been accepted and is currently the only electronic IMDG Code training course to be listed on the AMSA website.

AMSA has stated that personnel performing four function-specific roles require AMSA accredited training, all of which functions are covered fully by the IMDG Code e-learning training course. The roles are:

– pack dangerous goods in packages;

– load Cargo Transport Units;

– mark, label or placard dangerous goods; and

– prepare and sign transport documents for dangerous goods.

IMDG Code e-learning was developed by Exis Technologies with the support of industry bodies including IMO, and is independently certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The course is individually configured to the student’s job role. It precisely follows the IMDG Code, including both the general awareness and function specific training requirements.

The course comprises modules and elements. The modules correspond to chapters in the IMDG Code dealing with topics such as classification and packing, and elements are individual lessons from that chapter. Tests follow each element, with scores building towards a Course Completion Certificate. The IMDG Code for Windows, can be co-loaded with the e-learning course so that Code text relevant to a particular study subject can be displayed.

IMDG Code e-learning is already in use by many shore side staff employed by container shipping lines, ferry lines, logistics companies, freight forwarders and shippers. E-learning minimises training time away from normal duties and students are able to study at their own pace and at any location, within targets set by management. Costs are greatly reduced, especially in high staff turnover situations.

IMDG Code e-learning can be downloaded from the course website for standalone applications and is also available for corporate intranets allowing a supervisor to set up courses locally, regionally or globally, set study targets and monitor student progress. Intranet versions can also be customised to include the operator’s dangerous goods procedures and practice.

Jack Hunter, Director of Haylock Maritime, Australia’s only specialist Maritime Dangerous Goods training company and an Exis Technologies’ representative in Australia commented, “AMSA have publicly stated that they require ALL personnel involved in the transport of dangerous goods to be trained in accordance with the IMDG Code requirements by the 1st January 2010. They have said that after this date using untrained or inappropriately trained personnel to prepare a shipment would be a breach of the requirements of the IMDG Code, and could result in shipments being prohibited from loading. Despite the relatively slow uptake of training by industry, AMSA have not backed away from their clearly stated requirement for all personnel to be trained by the 1st January 2010. Given the large numbers of personnel requiring training in a short period of time, and the shortage of accredited training organisations, IMDG Code e-learning is a practical solution for companies seeking compliance with AMSA’s requirements.”

MSA has produced an information sheet outlining the regulations for training as required by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, and Marine Orders Part 41. AMSA has also provided an interpretation of who performs each of the roles requiring function specific training.

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