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IMDG Code e-learning is officially launched in The Netherlands

News September 20 / 2010    12:09 pm

Mandatory training for shore-side staff involved in dangerous goods transport by sea is included in the latest Amendment of the IMDG Code, which entered into force on 1 January 2010. Shore-side staff that require IMDG Code training include shippers and forwarders, container packers and consolidators, shipping line booking staff, stevedores, port and terminal operators. Exis developed IMDG Code e-learning, a computer-based training tool, to help organisations comply with the new requirement. IMDG Code e-learning is now being officially launched in The Netherlands in partnership with New Learning Factory, an Exis Technologies distributor. The launch will include a free workshop being run by New Learning Factory and Exis Technologies in Rotterdam on 28 September 2010.

Cost-effective training

Conventional IMDG Code classroom training can be expensive and time consuming. IMDG Code e-learning offers a high-quality training course in much less time and at a fraction of the cost.

The course is individually configured to the student’s job role and precisely follows the IMDG Code general awareness and function specific training requirements.

The course comprises modules corresponding to the chapters in the IMDG Code dealing with topics such as classification and packing, subdivided into individual lessons. There are self-assessment tests at the end of each element to ensure that a sound understanding of the material is being gained as the student progresses, with scores building towards a Course Completion Certificate. The IMDG Code for Windows can be co-loaded with the e-learning course so that Code text relevant to a particular study subject can be displayed.

The IMDG Code e-learning course was developed by Exis Technologies with the support of the IMO and is certified by DNV (Det Norske Veritas). Tens of thousands of students around the world have taken the course over the past couple of years. New Learning Factory is now offering this course in the Netherlands via The e-learning course is in English, but is supported by a Dutch helpdesk.

Blended Learning approach

New Learning Factory is offering IMDG Code e-learning with a blended learning approach. This uses a combination of computer-based learning with the IMDG Code e-learning course, followed by classroom sessions for operational staff and executives. These are provided in cooperation with Reaktie BV, a highly experienced consultant and trainer in the areas of:

– transport and storage of hazardous substances

– personal protection and emergency response

Up to 75% subsidy

The blended learning approach qualifies for a training subsidy fund of up to 75% from the European Training and Industry Grant in cooperation with Students from the following industries in The Netherlands are eligible for the training fund:

– Transport and Logistics (SOOB)

– Wholesale (SOG)

– Construction (Cordares / SFB)

– Technical Installation (OTIB)

– Electronics Retail (OFED)

– Metalworking Industry (OOM)

– Metal Electric Industry (A + O Metal Electric)

– Meat Industry (Meat FCB)

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