Hazcheck Systems date back to the 1990’s when Exis began its focus on improving the use of the IMDG Code in sea transport by developing a computerised version which gave operators fast ‘yes/no’ answers to DG questions. Hazcheck has simplified IMDG Code classification, packaging, segregation, stowage and documentation for every link in the sea transport chain for the past 35 years. It has been implemented by most of the major container lines, a share that has climbed to 80% today.

The need for container lines to co-operate on misdeclared DG and harmonise systems has been a more recent driving force for Hazcheck. Established in 2011 by five major container lines and developed by Exis, the Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS) was launched, a major industry collaboration to reduce DG incidents at sea. In 2018 Exis became part of the NCB Group and in 2020 we launched Hazcheck Detect a cargo screening system to help detect misdeclared and undeclared dangerous goods.

Exis and the National Cargo Bureau have been working together on several other Hazcheck initiatives over the past decade including Hazcheck Inspections, a web database and portal for planning, recording and analyzing container inspections and the development of common inspection standards.

The NCB Group will continue their development of Hazcheck Systems with our partners and customers to improve safety in the supply chain as part of our not for profit mission Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea.


Declared Dangerous Goods Cargo

Around 10% of containerised shipments include declared dangerous goods.  Managing the transport of dangerous goods by sea can be a complex task. They need to be properly classified, packaged, packed and declared throughout the supply chain. We offer Hazcheck Systems for every link in the sea transport chain which help to automate compliance checks and process shipments in a more efficient and safe manner.


Undeclared & Misdeclared Cargo

Most of the significant ship fires are attributed to incorrectly declared dangerous goods. National Cargo Bureau and Exis have created a cargo screening service to address the problem of misdeclared and undeclared dangerous goods screening shipment data. Maersk is the first customer signed to the new tool.

Inspect Cargo

Containerised Cargo Inspections

The new generation of ultra-large containerships can be carrying more than 1,000 boxes with dangerous goods (DG) on any given voyage. Unless the container is physically opened and inspected by the shipping line or the authorities then it is impossible to know if the cargo is completely safe for transport. Hazcheck Inspections allows inspection companies to plan and enter details of cargo inspections.

Hazcheck Data

Supply of Regulations

We can supply ‘off the shelf’ regulatory data to customers who already have their own corporate systems, or are working on new projects that require dangerous goods functionality.

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