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What are dangerous goods and why are they useful?
Dangerous goods or hazmat are substances or articles which can pose a threat to people, property and/or the environment. They can exist in three physical states – as a solid, liquid or gas – and can present a range of dangers in a transport environment – flammability, toxicity (poisonous) and corrosivity being the most common.

The physical state and properties affect packing, handling and transport decisions.  Many dangerous goods are essential in the manufacture of other products such as cars, plastics, electronics and pharmaceuticals on which progress and world trade depend.

What is the IMO IMDG Code?
The International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code was first published by International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in 1965 and is now updated every two years. Since January 2004 the Code has been mandatory for SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea convention) signatory states, effectively making it a global rulebook for the sea transport of dangerous goods. Although it is directed primarily at sea transport, the provisions of the Code may affect a whole range of industries and services. Manufacturers, packers, shippers, feeder services such as road and rail and port authorities will find authoritative advice on classification, stowage, segregation, packing, labelling, terminology and emergency response action.

In addition to publishing the printed version of the Code, IMO has produced the digital versions to meet the need for fast, accurate information retrieval and to cater for the differing needs of users.

Which is the current IMDG Code Amendment?
Amendment 40-20 edition of the IMDG Code may be used on an optional basis from 1 January 2021 until it becomes mandatory on 1 June 2022. It will then be valid until 31 December 2023. See the Amendment Cycle for more information.

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