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Product Overview

The Free Introduction to the CTU Code introduces the Code of Practice (CTU Code) for packing of cargo transport units (CTUs). This free course provides an overview of the Code’s development and objectives and direct links to the electronic version of the CTU Code are included.

We also highlight how you can swiftly navigate to key sections in accordance with your day-to-day role and responsibilities and how the Code helps to support training in packing and securing cargo into/onto CTUs.  The course provides:

  • An introduction to the Code of Practice and outline to the course learning objectives 
  • An outline of the key contributors to the CTU Code and background on its development 
  • An overview of the regulatory status of the Code of Practice and how it may be enforced 
  • Details on the information provided in the CTU Code highlighting what is contained in each Chapter, supporting Annex and Informative Material
  • Details on how to access the online versions of the CTU code

Throughout the course there are links to the CTU Code, either in the text of the main pages or in the reference bar at the bottom of the page. Once the course is complete there is a course assessment to test your understanding of the course material and provision of a course completion certificate.

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