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Product Overview

Hazcheck Enterprise is a powerful and comprehensive hazmat cargo booking system for global shipping lines.

From initial hazmat acceptance checks through to interfacing with ship planning, Hazcheck Enterprise meets the demands of high-volume multi-leg sailings.

When integrated with Hazcheck Gateway internet booking it eliminates slow, costly re-keying of technical data and supports operations staff at every stage of dangerous goods processing.

Hazcheck Enterprise generates reports and industry-standard EDI messages for port notification and partner-line operations.

  • Features

    IMDG Code substance enquiry

    • Display key information on any substance or article listed in the IMDG Code
    • Check if shipments are allowed on passenger or cargo-only sailings
    • Substance name lookup in English

    Stowage and segregation validation check

    Check that substances loaded together in a container or vehicle (CTU) comply with the stowage and segregation requirements of the IMDG Code, including, at primary and subsidiary risk level, substance-specific requirements and chemical group prohibitions

    Packaging check

    • Easy to use packaging checks and options, including inner and outer packaging limits and Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) types
    • Display Limited Quantity options
    • Display relevant portable tank container and road tank vehicle types

    Manage dangerous goods booked to sailings

    • Check bookings against all IMDG Code and pre-entered operator, ship and port restrictions
    • Validate restrictions for bookings and voyages
    • Import and validate IFTMBF EDI partner messages and send APERAK acknowledgements
    • Send email booking confirmations (accepted, pending/query, rejected)
    • Consolidate and validate less than container loads
    • Interface with ship planning systems via COPRAR messages for correct stowage and segregation
    • Import IFTSAI EDI sailings schedule


    • Produce dangerous goods manifests
    • Send IFTDGN EDI messages to ports for declaring cargo on board
    • Produce statistics on dangerous goods carried
    • Produce a variety of operational reports including call planners report to allow ship planners to pre-stow dangerous goods containers, and booking summary to send to partners at vessel closure
  • Benefits

    • Simplifies and speeds dangerous goods processing
    • Increases efficiency and enhances customer service – instant and accurate
    • Supports staff in checking and complying with the IMDG Code
    • Can be integrated with corporate booking systems
    • Handles partner line bookings
    • Updated and maintained in line with IMDG Code Amendments and errata
    • Reduces error, improves efficiency and operational safety

Hazcheck Enterprise is supplied on an annual licence basis, normally on an initial three year term, which includes support and maintenance of IMDG Code data in line with the current Amendment of the Code.

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