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Product Overview

Exis Technologies and our parent company National Cargo Bureau (NCB) have been working with major container line customers, industry bodies and CINS to develop CINS Risk Based Stowage Guidelines.

Exis input has been focused around our detailed knowledge of the IMDG Code Dangerous Goods List and stowage requirements, and on input from industry experts to categorize specific UN Numbers into the appropriate Risk Zones (RZ) based on risks presented by the IMDG Code, including the corresponding Emergency Schedules.

This detailed knowledge has been combined with the in-depth practical knowledge from customers and industry bodies with regard to dangerous goods and the handling, thereof, during shipment by sea.

The liaison with Exis regarding the application of the data to the practical stowage requirement has been led by Uffe Ernst- Frederiksen, Head of Cargo Management, Maersk Line.

Exis have confirmed that in order to support the current and future use of the CINS stowage guidelines they will supply, and together with industry partners, maintain the Hazcheck Risk Zone (RZ) List for FREE as a resource available to the container shipping industry.

The free data supply includes the UN number, Packing Group, Risk Zones (RZ) and a notes field in a CSV format.

The file can be downloaded from the resources and support section opposite. You will need to supply contact details and accept terms and conditions to access the file.

Once registered, users will get updates when the IMDG Code changes, unless they ask to unsubscribe.

Exis will continue to engage with the industry partners to ensure that the data is aligned with the guidelines at each update.

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