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Product Overview

The Official IMO IMDG Code book and Supplement e-reader.   A digital download of the Dangerous Goods Code is fully bookmarked, indexed and presented in ebk file format which is viewed using the free software “The IMO Bookshelf”. The e-Reader is a replica of the printed title.

You will be required to download the e-Reader software (EBK files – link will be provided after purchase). Purchased titles will be locked to a single computer. The e-Reader software is for Windows use and MAC users need to use a Windows emulator e.g. Boot Camp or Parallels Desktop in order to view the files.

English Edition – Amendment 40-20

  • IMDG Code Vols 1 and 2 (inc. Amendment 40-20) 2020 Edition
    KM200E (GBP 160)
  • IMDG Code Supplement 2020 Edition
    KK210E (GBP 75)

IMDG Code e-Reader, digital download is also available in multiple languages

PRE-ORDER: French Edition – Amendment 40-20

  • IMDG CodeVols 1 and 2 (inc. Amendment 40-20) 2020 Edition
    KM200F (GBP 160)
  • IMDG Code Supplement 2020 Edition (AVAILABLE NOW)
    KK210F (GBP 75)

The French Supplement is available now, Vols 1 and 2 to follow shortly. You can order now and we will deliver the Supplement followed by Vols 1 and 2 when they become available.

Spanish Edition – Amendment 39-18

  • IMDG Code Vols 1 and 2 (inc. Amendment 39-18) 2018  Edition
    KL200S (GBP 135)
  • IMDG Code Supplement 2018 Edition
    KJ210S (GBP 65)

for information on the IMDG Code e-Reader software visit The IMO Bookshelf or for other IMDG products click here

  • Benefits

    • Exact copy of IMDG Code books
    • Installation available without internet access
    • Multiple advanced search facilities
    • Add your own bookmarks
    • Add your own annotations
    • Resize text
    • Printing
    • Copy and paste
    • Available in English, French and Spanish

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