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TT Club and ICHCA International Welcome Mandatory IMDG Code Training

News December 3 / 2009    12:00 am

An e-learning tool from Exis Technologies receives endorsement from both TT Club and ICHCA International after lobbying at the IMO makes IMDG Code training mandatory for shore-based staff from 1st January 2010.

IMDG Code training for all shore side staff involved in dangerous goods transported by sea, including shipping line booking staff, container packers, consolidators, shippers, forwarders, stevedores and other port staff becomes mandatory next month. TT Club and ICHCA International lobbied strenuously for this change which has been incorporated in Amendment 34-08 of the IMDG Code and enters into full effect 1st January 2010. These two bodies – the leading international liability insurance provider in transport and logistics industry and the international organisation concerned with safety and security in cargo operations – consider this an essential move in their fight to improve compliance of dangerous goods in the supply chain. As a consequence, both organisations are actively promoting the e-learning course provided by Exis Technologies. This is an efficient and cost-effective training resource fulfilling the mandatory requirements.

Peregrine Storrs-Fox, Risk Management Director, TT Club, commented, “The IMDG Code training requirement affects all shore-side staff involved in the transport of dangerous goods by sea. The real challenge for this training is not so much those who have awareness of maritime carriage – although reports to the IMO continue to demonstrate significant non-compliance – but particularly shippers and those who have little appreciation of the stresses and vagaries of transport. Internet based training is the only effective way of reaching this mass market and supplementing national training facilities that are already in place in some jurisdictions.” The IMDG Code revision affects all those involved in classifying, consigning, packaging, marking, declaring, documenting, container packing, handling and accepting dangerous goods. It is impossible to calculate accurately the numbers involved in these processes globally and many will not previously have been aware of the safety requirements demanded by dangerous goods transportation. Raising the competence levels of shore-side staff is an urgent regulatory and safety requirement. The Club continues to work with Exis Technologies to develop this particular product further.

Mike Compton, Chairman of the International Safety Panel of ICHCA International added, “This initiative of the IMO to make such training on the shoreside mandatory is warmly welcomed and, after careful consideration, it has been decided to promote the Exis e-learning package as the most effective way to carry out the worldwide training that is now required. Ordering through ICHCA International, which is an IMO distributor, will additionally attract a discount for ICHCA members, which includes all TT Club Members.”

IMDG Code e-learning

IMDG Code e-learning was developed by Exis Technologies with the support of industry bodies including the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and is independently certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The course is individually configured to the student’s job role and precisely follows the IMDG Code general awareness and function specific training requirements.

The course comprises modules corresponding to the chapters in the IMDG Code dealing with topics such as classification and packing, subdivided into individual lessons. There are self-assessment tests at the end of each element to ensure that a sound understanding of the material is being gained as the student progresses, with scores building towards a Course Completion Certificate. The IMDG Code for Windows can be co-loaded with the e-learning course so that Code text relevant to a particular study subject can be displayed.

IMDG Code e-learning is already in use by many shore side staff employed by container shipping lines, ferry lines, logistics companies, freight forwarders and shippers. e-learning minimises training time away from normal duties and students are able to study at their own pace and at any location, within targets set by management. Costs are greatly reduced, which is appealing especially in situations where high staff turnover is the norm.

IMDG Code e-learning can be downloaded from the course website for standalone applications and is also available for corporate intranets allowing a supervisor to set up courses locally, regionally or globally, set study targets and monitor student progress. Intranet versions can also be customised to include the operator’s dangerous goods procedures and practice.

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