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Weilbach approved to provide IMDG Code e-learning courses in Singapore

News June 16 / 2020    12:00 am

Poor understanding of IMDG Code provisions has resulted in countless incidents at sea and ashore and therefore IMDG Code training is mandatory for all shore-side staff. The Danish supplier of nautical charts and Exis distributor, Weilbach, has received approval from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore to offer IMDG Code e-learning courses in Singapore.

“The approval has come at a time where online alternatives to classroom-based training is much in demand due to the global pandemic and a lot of companies are reaching out to us to find out how they can implement remote learning. Although, this is a tragic situation I am pleased that we can help companies that ship or handle dangerous goods to educate their staff on the mandatory IMDG Code training,” says Martin Mikkelsen, Director Business Development, Weilbach.

Common errors put lives, property and environment at risk

Stowage of containers with dangerous goods must be done according to IMDG Code provisions but IMO and national administration surveys consistently show that high percentages of dangerous goods container shipments are non-compliant. Incorrect documentation, packaging, segregation, stowage within the container and onboard ship are common errors that put lives, property and the environment at risk.

“Lots of different types of goods are potentially dangerous, for example, coconuts can cause a fire in containers and in the end, lead to the entire ship burning. This is both dangerous to the personnel and expensive to the companies that handle or ship dangerous goods. Therefore, training is mandatory,” says Martin Mikkelsen and continues:

“This applies to both shore-based personnel involved in handling, documenting, packing, transporting and storing of dangerous goods as well as personnel at sea.”

Faster, easier, and at a lower cost

Usually IMDG Code courses are taken in a classroom with a test at the end. With the approval to provide e-learning courses, Weilbach offers a solution that is much more cost-effective.

“With the approval to provide IMDG e-learning courses in Singapore, staff can do the mandatory training faster, easier, and at a much lower cost because they do not have to attend classroom sessions every second year, when the certificate must be renewed to meet the requirements from the IMO,” says Martin Mikkelsen.

Module built

The e-learning solution offered by Weilbach allows training to take place either at work or at home. Training time is flexible as students can log in and out of the courses at their convenience. The student just needs an internet connection and a PC, laptop or tablet device to access their course.

“We supply the coursework online and the user can take the course at his or her own pace. The courses comprise modules with tests at the end to ensure a good understanding of the content. Then the final test can be taken at our Singapore office, once circuit breaker is over,” says Martin Mikkelsen.

Weilbach offers the IMDG e-learning courses under licence and is one of the only companies in Asia to supply the courses online rather than in a classroom. More information and purchasing is available here:

Outside of Singapore, the IMDG Code e-learning courses, which are all online with no classroom test required (course material and assessment, course completion certificate) can be purchased here

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